Song Title: " Be Do-ers of The Word "
Artist: Clifton Dunn
Location : Full Gospel Assembly Church, San Angelo, Texas USA.
Find Him On YouTube at : spiritledson
Yes sir, they are preaching mighty fine sermons, matter of fact the best I've ever heard.


satan comes disguised as an " Angel of Light"
In other words he can make himself look just exactly like JESUS, or Sound like God.
he does this so he & his 1/3 of the population that used to occupy Heaven and were cast down can trick you into listening to them instead of listening to THE HOLY ONE OF ISREAL, the great I AM, JAHOVA, ALMIGHTY GOD, JESUS.

the devil comes to (Steal), (Kill), & (Destroy),
the devil hates God because of his living conditions, getting kicked out of Heaven, & he hates you too because God Loves you so very much, he's trying to seperate you from THE LORD thus he is constantly lying to you. If he can get you to believe a lie, argue with your spouse,Divorce, he's winning, don't let him steal any thing more from you or your family, Stop Listening to him, in the past you have always thought it was your thoughts you were having, but I guarantee you friend it's the evil voices drowning out Gods voice so you can't hear from Heaven.
"HOW TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE Between the two voices ?

Here's how: the devil can not quote Bible Scripture accurately, he's a cursed (by God) & because he's a liar & the father of all lies he CAN NOT SPEAK THE TRUTH, therefore when he quotes scripture to you he gets some little something WRONG.
That's the only way you can Discern (Know) that it is not THE LORD, because he looks like, talks like, acts like, & does Miracles JUST LIKE JESUS.

Back to the televangelist, it doesn't bother me for them to ask for money,
What bothers me is they promise you a break through in health, in Financial matters, in fact they promise you can have this anointing if you will give them this$$$$$$$& if you can't afford that then give this $$$$$$$$$$$!!???$!!!!!!))$$$$$

Theyr'e out there in numbers Saints


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Telephone : ( 325 ) 227 1764

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PS. Don't give anything to those who are marketing our HOLY TRINITY
Be blessed today and every day, to you and yours from me and mine, in THE NAME OF THE FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT. Amen & Amen
Correction to text should read angel of light NOT SPIRIT of light
December 21,2012
DECEMBER 25Th Christmas

THE SPIRIT OF GOD HAS REVEALED THAT "We, The World" have been DECEIVED and that we haven't been told the TRUTH.
The Truth has been secondary and of little Importance because first THE GOSPEL OF THE VIRGIN BIRTH,DEATH, BURIAL AND RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST must be preached unto THE WORLD"no easy task"
In the beginning was THE WORD (Point # One."
And the WORD WAS WITH GOD(Point # Two)
And the WORD WAS GOD (Point # Three

How to learn the Truth
December 21st the SPIRIT OF GOD LOOSENED THE SCALES ON THE EYES OF HIS CHILDREN, THE SPIRIT OF GOD INSTRUCTED US TO RETURN TO GENENIS Chapter one and read HIS WORD AS" It is WRITTEN. Your eyes will be opened and you shall see THE TRUTH. JOHN 8:32 shall be fulfilled, saying: And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

1st)his only begotten SON JESUS CHRIST who Lives in our hearts, even though he sits at the right hand of GOD.

Here are some keys that will help understand:
1) face of the deep is not the same as face of the water.
2) Spirit of light is evil
He looks like JESUS
talks like JESUS
Preformes miracles like JESUS
2a)try the spirits,satan cannot quote scripture without mis quoting it
Love one another, for GOD is LOVE
Receive your gifts right now
Give your heart to JESUS as you surrender your Life to HIM. HE has this day saved you from yourself, You have been BORN AGAIN, now find a Church, be BAPTISED in water in THE NAME OF THE FATHER,SON,and HOLY GHOST, This is done for the remission of sin Praise GOD.

where do our thoughts come from

Gen. 3:11. Mark 5:9. Luke8:30

Ph. (325) 227-1764

The spirit within is saying "Return to Gods Word: Genesis one(1) and as you read the written Word THE LORD will remove the scales that were placed over our eyes since birth,revealing the truth.
" voices"
Voices have been around ever since Adam & Eve, in the garden of Eden. In Genesis 3:11 God asked Adam, who told thee that thou wast naked?

" Legion "
Matthew 26:53
Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?

Mark 5:9
And he asked him, what is thy name ? And he answered, saying, my name is legion: for we are many.

Mark 5:15
And they come to Jesus, and see him that was possessed with the devil, and had the legion, sitting?and clothed,and in his right mind: and they were afraid

Luke 8:30
And Jesus asked him, saying, what is thy name? and he said, legion: because many devils were entered into him.

John 3:17
For God sent not his son into the world to condemn; but that the world through him might be saved.

Genesis 3:11
And he said, who told thee that thou wast naked?

Acts 26:18
To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins , and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.
These voices are unholy,useally they tell you: I'm not good enough,I'm not worthy,I'll tell a lie,I'm going to steal,I'll make um pay,etc,etc,etc.
Stop listening to these voices,Satans objective is to cause you to spend eternity in the lake of fire , he wants to kill , steal , & destroy YOU. More to come later........
The Lord is speaking to all nations, tongues,and tribes, saying:

"the end time is now,prepare your hearts to meet the LORD."
This is a day that the Lord hath made